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FACTS ABOUT A GOOD WEBSITE ----------------------

• Don't have a crappy, long, hard to remember domain name. The domain name must represent your business/ service.

• The website should not hurt the eyes. It should look unique & attractive. If no one has seen it before, it has so much more value. Do not steal people’s templates if you want to make a great impression. Also, you don’t want to be caught in those Intellectual Property law suits. Make something new and creative to show of your skills, and to show what a good designer can really do.

• Have one style to your website. Do not have a professional website with childish antics or colors, fonts, and images. It clashes. Try to keep a good streamline standard for your designs. This helps keep the masses coming back.

• For a website to be good, in my opinion, I believe it should be listed in all the top search engines.

• A website has to have an understandable level of navigation, as no one likes to get lost on a troublesome website.

• If a website does not have anything that is worth reading, why should I go there? Thus, your website should have lots of good, well-written content.

• If it takes forever for a specific site to download to your browser, it's usually nothing great to wait for. A website should be designed to load decently fast on most connections, although loading time should never hinder the designers ability to prove a point or convey a message.

• Have a routine for updating content and old data. People enjoy new content and news, so try to stay up to date with it.




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